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Advanced Container Technologies Uses U.S. Based Manufacturing to Avoid Delays Caused by Supply Chain Disruptions

Advanced Container Technologies, Inc (Ticker: ACTX), reported it uses U.S.-based manufacturing for a number of its products and has largely avoided business disruptions and shortages caused by the supply chain crisis. 

Fox Business says some companies are attempting to ramp up production at home. “There is a huge uptick in demand for American-made products amid global supply chain delays,” according to their report.

The Washington Post reports firms like Stanley Black and Decker are re-thinking their global supply chains. “Earlier this month, the company had shipping containers stranded on 50 ships anchored off the Southern California coast,” they reported.

And while companies are scrambling to realign their supply chains, the issue won’t be fixed anytime soon, according to the New York Times. 

“Before the pandemic, sending a container from Shanghai to Los Angeles cost perhaps $2,000. By early 2021, the same journey was fetching as much as $25,000. And many containers were getting bumped off ships and forced to wait, adding to delays,” according to their report.

ACTX says many of its products, including the patented Medtainer, are made in America. The Medtainer is an innovative child-resistant container that is odor-proof, water-tight, and features a built-in grinder. 

“We are proud to utilize U.S.-based suppliers whenever possible,” says Douglas Heldoorn, CEO of Advanced Container Technologies. “We believe domestic manufacturing helps us keep costs down and inventory available while creating American jobs.”

How long will the supply chain disruptions last? “No one really knows, but there are good reasons to suspect that this will be with us well into 2022 and maybe longer,” says the NY Times. In the meantime, companies like ACTX keep the economy moving.

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