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Advanced Container Technologies, Inc. Expands into Oklahoma to Provide Automated Growing Systems, & Compliant Bottle and Packaging Solutions for the Cannabis Industry

Advanced Container Technologies, Inc. (Ticker: OTC:ACTX), announced it has expanded its operations in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The company will sell its bottles and packaging; technology and components used for cultivation; as well as the “Grow Pod” self-contained micro-farms. 

In 2018, Oklahoma voters approved State Question 788. Since the voter approval, numerous businesses, entrepreneurs, as well as existing farmers have been eager to get into the highly lucrative market, which require large investments for land or warehouse space, and equipment. 

Grow Pods offer a unique pathway for growers to get started quickly – with a low investment and a rapid ROI. 

Grow Pods are transportable food-grade shipping containers that are specially modified and equipped with advanced technology to provide an optimal environment for growing a wide range of horticultural products, including cannabis and hemp. 

Rather than taking months to identify and acquire indoor or outdoor space; plus research, order and install all the necessary equipment; GrowPods are fully equipped with a “plug and play” configuration. This allows growers to get plants started in just a matter of days after taking delivery. This translates to faster harvesting and earlier revenue generation than with conventional agricultural methodologies. 

Grow Pods feature a sealed eco-system utilizing filtered air and water that eliminates pests and pathogens, so that the plants grow beautifully, which can command a higher price in the market. And, with the ability to grow year-round, Grow Pods give farmers the opportunity to expand into new high-margin niches, including hemp for CBD, and nutritious, better-than-organic “Super Foods.”

According to a recent report the North America legal marijuana market size is expected to reach $104.9 billion by 2027, expanding at a CAGR of 15.5%.

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