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Advanced Container Technologies Announces New Store ‘n Seal Bags

Advanced Container Technologies, Inc (Ticker: ACTX), unveiled a new line of premium quality packaging, called “Store ‘n Seal Bags.” These bags are ideal for vegetables, lettuce, leafy greens, and even cannabis. They utilize commercial-grade plastic and are odor-proof, leak-proof, and water-tight. 

Store ‘n Seal Bags feature thick 5ml plastic with a resealable zipper across the top. Each bag will hold up to 2 lbs of product.

ACTX is offering two varieties of bags: A silver bag with a see-through window; and a black-out bag.

The new product fits perfectly in the company’s portfolio of products for the food and agriculture industries. ACTX now provides a single-point solution for grocers, growers, restaurants, and retailers, by offering a wide range of products and services, including packaging, lighting, controlled-environment cultivation systems, nutrients, branding, and customization services, and distribution networks to get the product into stores. 

The company’s 3-part mission is to revolutionize the agriculture industry by enabling the growing of clean, healthy produce and crops where it is needed most; eliminating lengthy, unreliable, and environmentally damaging supply chains; and reducing food contamination caused by runoffs or chemicals. 

The company is an exclusive distributor of GrowPods – transportable, scalable micro-farms that can eliminate the need for pesticides, herbicides, pathogens, and harmful chemicals so that farmers can grow ultra-pure, contaminant-free cash crops, and robust “Super Foods.”

ACTX is on a rapid growth trajectory and recently announced its year-over-year revenues, which showed an increase of 209% increase over the prior period. 

For information, contact:

Advanced Container Technologies 

(951) 381-2555

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